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CBRNE Masters course (Master of Science) A collaboration project with the Tor Vergata University of Rome has resulted in the development of an International CBRNE Masters Course which will be based atTor Vergata. Hotzone Solutions has been instrumental in this project bringingtogether many of the partners. Hotzone solutions has been co-ordinating and conductingthe practical elements of this Masters’ Degree. A benefit of this is that Hotzone Solutions training courses that form part of this programme will gain university credits. Many of Hotzone Solutions Instructors are also used by the University.

Academic Course
Master of Science in CBRNE Protection

The Masters Course is organised by the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”. On completion of the Masters Course, participants will gain a “1st-Level Master in Protection against CBRNE Events (120 ECTS*)”.
Hotzone Solutions is officially cooperating with the Steering Committee and the Scientific Committee of this Masters Course through the coordination of the international activities and live agent training aspects of the course.
The Masters Course aims to provide participants with suitable technical and operational skills and knowledge, as well as the knowledge to become key players in the new area of CBRNE risk. In order to participate in the Masters Course and obtain the final degree (which has legal value according to the Italian law),  candidates must have a 180- ECTS point Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent. “Equivalence” of degrees such as military, police, fire-fighter academy degrees etc., will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by the Universitys’ competent bodies and the Masters Course Steering Committee.

Participants will gain advanced skills in the following areas:

  • CBRNE threats and risks
  • Analysis of CBRNE agents
  • Effects of CBRNE agents
  • Diffusion and dispersion of CBRNE agents
  • Software and codes for CBRNE emergencies
  • Detection of CBRNE agents: equipment and techniques
  • CBRNE protection
  • CBRNE decontamination
  • International emergency systems in case of CBRNE events
  • Sanitary rescue and psychological approach to emergencies in case of CBRNE events
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Investigation and mitigation
  • Communication and information in case of CBRNE events
  • Practical activities and training at specialised European Facilities, coordinated by Hotzone Solutions

* The ECTS, European Credit Transfer System

International CBRNe
Master Courses
University of Rome
Tor Vergata

The evolution of and increase in Safety and Security threats at an international level place remarkable focus on the improvement of the emergency systems to deal with crisis, including those connected to ordinary and the nonconventional events (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives). Given the global interest in these issues, the Department of Industrial Engineering and the School of Medicine and Surgery of the Tor Vergata University organise the following Master Courses:

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